Links For Learners

Here are some of my favorite sites for language learning...Check them out. I will add more sites as I find them. 

Language Learning Websites:

English-Specific Websites:

  • English Baby: Free English Lessons about Pop Culture, grammar, and vocabulary. Lots of videos.
  • Center for Independent Language Learning: Awesome site with information on all of the language skills, as well as practice exercises. The Vocabulary Section is especially nice. 
  • Many Things: A cool site with a lot of different resources for learning English, including vocabulary help, pronunciation practice, and reading exercises. 
  • Free Courses from MIT Open Courseware: Great links to free courses for ESL students, including pronunciation, writing, speaking, and listening


  • Phrase Finder: Wondering what your idiom means? Find it and other colloquial English expressions here.
  • Pons Dictionary and Vocabulary Trainer: This dictionary remembers the words that you looks up and then will test you on them later.
  • Lingro: This Dictionary opens other webpages in a frame, and it makes every word clickable so that you can see what the words mean without switching windows. It is great for reading difficult web pages. 


English Language Comics



  • Listen A Minute: You can pick a topic and listen to a paragraph, and then there are quizzes and practice exercises about the topic

Articles about Learning Languages:


  • Using PodcastsWhy you should listen to podcasts, how to use them in language learning, and which ones are the best.
  • ESL Library PodcastsThese mini-podcasts are short and sweet and feature audio previews from ESL-Library lessons