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  • Homework Blog - A different way to manage homework
  • Xournal - An open source note-taking / PDF-editing program
  • MiniTube - Solving the Classroom without Internet Problem, at least as far as videos are concerned

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  1. There are some books with spoken English activities for teachers' use in the classroom that include imitation of dialogues (role play), ready-made thematic questions with up-to-date relevant content for daily living, narrations/telling stories, talking points, discussions/debates of issues, games, practical speaking tasks, problem-solving, information gap, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, etc. Below is my list of such helpful website and book classroom activities for ESL/EFL teachers:

    700 Classroom Activities, D. Seymour (author), 156 pages, 2005, lists activities for grammar, vocabulary, functions and conversation topics.

    Lessons from Good Language Learners (Cambridge Language Teaching Library), 2008, 336 pages.
    ESL teacher's activities Kit by Elizabeth Claire, 288 pages, 1998.

    Recipes for Tired Teachers : Well-Seasoned Activities for the ESOLl Classroom, 228 pages, 1984.

    More Recipes for Tired Teachers: Well-Seasoned Activities for the ESOL Classroom.

    English for a Successful Life in the USA: A workbook of advice for ESL students, 216 pages, 2001.

    Addison-Wesley ESL Activity Book, Level C, 600 pages, 1991.
    Addison-Wesley ESL Activity Book, Level E, 600 pages, 1991.

    1,000 Conversation Questions: Designed for Use in the ESL or EFL Classroom .

    Conversation Inspirations: Over 2400 Conversation Topics , 114 pages, 2005.


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